White wine and berry sangria

 White wine sangria recipe


Happy New Year foodies, it is good to be back! The Christmas tree may have been packed away and the holidays all but over, but summer is still in full swing so let’s keep that festive feeling going for a little bit longer shall we? My first new recipe of the year is a fruity sangria with a white wine twist, the perfect thing to sip on a warm evening. I’ll raise my glass to that!


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Angelfish with steamed asparagus and lime beurre blanc

Steamed asparagus

Bonjour! We are getting ever so slightly posh this week with a little help from our French friends. This is the kind of meal usually reserved for those occasions when I have an evening out and can enjoy my dinner at a restaurant, but it is surprisingly simple and perfect for when you want to prepare something extra special at home.

Beurre blanc if you didn’t know is a creamy, butter sauce. It is extremely versatile and can be prepared in many ways – you could add herbs, stock or even red wine. The variations are almost endless, and this is my version.

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