Soups and sauces

~ Soups ~

Carrot and coriander soup
Creamy butternut soup
French onion soup
Mushroom soup with chevin and thyme toasts
Roasted carrot and butternut soup
Roasted tomato soup with red pepper and basil
Spicy chickpea and bulgar soup
Sweet potato soup


Cheese sauce
Chunky tomato and ginger chutney
Creamy bacon and tomato sauce
Homemade tomato sauce (sugar free)
Lime beurre blanc
Mushroom sauce
Parsley sauce
Red onion gravy
Roasted red pepper sauce
White sauce

~ Sweet SAUCES ~

4 ingredient homemade chocolate spread
Butterscotch sauce
Caramel custard
Caramel sauce
Chocolate and Amarula sauce
Christmas custard
Decadent chocolate sauce
Raspberry sauce
Saffron syrup
Salted caramel sauce
Salted caramel dipping sauce
Vanilla custard
White chocolate sauce