~ Bread, BUNS and loaves ~

Banana, macadamia and yoghurt loaf
Chocolate banana bread (paleo)
Cinnamon bread with cream cheese glaze
Fruity wholewheat loaf cake
Lemon loaf cake with saffron syrup
Ten minute cheese and herb rolls
Triple lemon iced sticky buns


Brown butter cupcake brownies
Iced cappuccino crunch brownies
Macadamia and cranberry chocolate squares


Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Flourless dark chocolate cake
Lightest lemon squares
Semolina, coconut and marmalade cakes
Vegan chocolate nut brittle cake


Almond and apricot thumb cookies
Almond tart
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate crunchies
Chocolate orange sugar hearts
Chocolate sandwich biscuits
Christmas biscuit tree
Cranberry and white chocolate crunchies
Honey oat crunchies (gluten free)
Marmalade sandwich cookies
Millionaire’s shortbread with ganache topping
Orange and apricot jam squares
Pumpkin spice cookies
Spiced dark chocolate cookies
Top Deck tea biscuits
Vanilla and chocolate almond butter cookies


Chocolate Easter nest cupcakes
Dark chocolate cupcakes with whiskey ganache
Lemon and pistachio cupcakes


Bran and fruit muffins
Date, carrot and apple muffins
Sticky lemon and poppy seed muffins


Christmas phyllo crackers with salted caramel dipping sauce
Mini chocolate and almond croissants
Nutella and peach braid with caramel walnuts and Nutella sauce
Spiced walnut palmiers


Cheese and rosemary cheese stars
Ten minute cheese and herb rolls


Spiced apple slices