~ TV appearances ~

Mela recipe feature (May 2019)
Mela Middle Eastern inspired menu (September 2019)
Mela spring inspired menu (November 2019)
Mela summer bounty menu (November 2019)
Mela Asian inspired menu (March 2020)

~ SABC3 Expresso Show appearances ~


More videos:

Unicorn cupcakes (September 2020)
Playdough (September 2020)
Custard filled doughnuts (September 2020)
Peppermint tart (September 2020)
Homemade mielie bread (August 2020)
Vanilla and peanut butter warm up filla (August 2020)
Pasta pesto salad (August 2020)
Spinach, feta and mushroom pancake bake (August 2020)
Spiced golden drink (August 2020)
Spiced chicken naanwich (August 2020)
Breakfast bake (August 2020)
Chickpea coconut curry (August 2020)
Vanilla custard tart (March 2020)
Apple pie with candied nuts (March 2020)
Steak and onion pot pie (February 2020)
Honey, oat and sunflower seed bread (February 2020)
Pineapple upside down cake (February 2020)
Pecan pie (February 2020)
Blueberry muffins (February 2020)
Creamy tomato pasta (February 2020)
Hassleback potatoes (January 2020)
Overnight marinated fruit (January 2020)
Pizza pinwheels (December 2019)
Orange malva pudding (December 2019)
Eton mess (December 2019)
Cranberry and white chocolate crunchies (December 2019)
Cheese and gammon toasties (November 2019)
Chickpea falafel with beetroot hummus (November 2019)
Frozen summer berries cookies and cream dessert (November 2019)
Pulled mushroom sliders with spicy slaw and BBQ sauce (November 2019)
Chicken tikka skewers with cucumber raita (November 2019)
Braaied banana boats (November 2019)
Custard cronuts (November 2019)
Mediterranean polenta with angelfish (November 2019)
Pumpkin spice cappuccino crumble cup (October 2019)
Spooky brioche doughnuts (October 2019)
Chilli chocolate churros (October 2019)
Chilli cheese bites (October 2019)
Two ingredient pizza dough (October 2019)
Roasted red pepper hummus with dukkah (October 2019)
Caeser salad (October 2019)
Custard and cookie sandwiches (October 2019)
Rosewater and pistachio rusks (October 2019)
Vanilla panna cotta with nut praline (October 2019)
Lemon and poppy seed tea loaf (October 2019)
Turkish style lamb phyllo parcels (September 2019)
Granola cups (September 2019)
Banana pancakes (September 2019)
Roast brussels and bacon salad (September 2019)
Prego rolls (September 2019)
Chicken parmigiana (September 2019)
Cheesy stuffed chicken (September 2019)
Springtime salad (September 2019)
Lemon meringue jars (September 2019)
Soy milk protein shake (September 2019)
Dulce de leche (August 2019)
Eve’s pudding (August 2019)
Mini bunny chows (August 2019)
Polenta fingers (August 2019)
Cheesy stuffed onions (August 2019)
Cinnamon twisties (August 2019)
Chocolate buns (July 2019)
Culinary hotline – winter puddings (July 2019)
Sago pudding (July 2019)
Apple and pear galette (July 2019)
Koeksisters (July 2019)
Curried butternut roti (July 2019)
Hearty beef stew (June 2019)
Butter chicken (June 2019)
Cheesy pull apart pizza bread (June 2019)
Coffee poke cake (June 2019)
Apple fries (May 2019)
Cheesy crinkle cut chips (May 2019)
Teresa’s birthday cake surprise (May 2019)
Roasted veggies (May 2019)
Five ingredient chocolate brownies (May 2019)
Double baked cheesy soufflé (May 2019)
Lemon crinkle cookies (April 2019)
Spicy Thai style fish cakes (April 2019)
Shortcrust cheese biscuits (April 2019)
Speckled egg ice cream sandwiches (April 2019)
Crustless apple pies (April 2019)
Spicy mince lahmacun (April 2019)
Hot wings and blue cheese sauce (March 2019)
Cheesy low carb pizza (March 2019)
Gluten free chocolate cake (March 2019)
Chicken liver pâté (March 2019)
Yoghurt and cranberry rusks (March 2019)
Chicken and sweetcorn tortilla pinwheels (March 2019)
Strawberries and cream mousse cake (February 2019)
Valentine’s Day breakfast parfaits (February 2019)
Pancakes with caramel sauce (December 2018)
Festive chocolate brownies (December 2018)
Peanut butter crunch cookies (December 2018)
Herby snoek pâté with roosterkoek (September 2018)
Cheese, biltong and onion potbrood (September 2018)
Vetkoek with naartjie jam and cheese (August 2018)
Pear crumble and custard (August 2018)
Hot wings with blue cheese dip (August 2018)
Amasi lemon pie (July 2018)
No churn vanilla ice cream (July 2018)
Cauliflower and truffle soup (July 2018)
Oat and date bars (July 2018)
Flooded biscuits (June 2018)
Stewed pineapple overnight oats (June 2018)
Choux buns with mushroom and cheese stuffing (June 2018)
Mini chocolate mousse dougnuts (June 2018)
Victoria sponge cake (May 2018)
French onion soup (May 2018)
Moroccan beef stew (April 2018)
Culinary hotline (April 2018)
Chocolate coconut cake (April 2018)
Hot cross bun and butter pudding (March 2018)
Muesli pastry swirls (March 2018)
Mielie bread with sun dried tomatoes (March 2018)
Sugar free banana cake (March 2018)
Peach and apricot ice cream (March 2018)
Chicken Caeser salad cups (February 2018)
Spinach tacos (February 2018)
Marinated lentil salad (February 2018)
Apple and mixed berry crumble (February 2018)
Lamb sosaties with fresh milk marinade (February 2018)
Alfredo cheese sauce (February 2018)
Cheesy roasted vegetable quiche (January 2018)
Berry banana smoothie bowl (January 2018)
Yoghurt pops (September 2017)
Spring vegetable and red pesto tart (September 2017)
Frozen yoghurt (September 2017)
Spiced walnut palmiers (September 2017)
Chocolate croissants (September 2017)
Tomato and chevin tarts (September 2017)
Banana, macadamia and yoghurt loaf (August 2017)
Berry banana pancakes (August 2017)
Vanilla bean chia pudding (August 2017)
Lemon squares (August 2017)
Lemon shortbread (August 2017)
Lemon and ginger cheesecakes (August 2017)
Date and nut balls (July 2017)
Chocolate mousse with berries (July 2017)
Date, carrot and apple muffins (July 2017)
Mushroom soup with marsala (April 2015)
Spiced guava and coconut crumble (April 2015)
Chocolate Easter nest cupcakes (April 2015)