~ SABC3 Expresso Show appearances ~


More videos:

Yoghurt pops (September 2017)
Spring vegetable and red pesto tart (September 2017)
Frozen yoghurt (September 2017)
Spiced walnut palmiers (September 2017)
Chocolate croissants (September 2017)
Tomato and chevin tarts (September 2017)
Banana, macadamia and yoghurt loaf (August 2017)
Berry banana pancakes (August 2017)
Vanilla bean chia pudding (August 2017)
Lemon squares (August 2017)
Lemon shortbread (August 2017)
Lemon and ginger cheesecakes (August 2017)
Date and nut balls (July 2017)
Chocolate mousse with berries (July 2017)
Date, carrot and apple muffins (July 2017)
Mushroom soup with marsala (April 2015)
Spiced guava and coconut crumble (April 2015)
Chocolate Easter nest cupcakesΒ (April 2015)