I Made It: The October Challenge

Yesterday I told you about my first attempt at cassoulet which I decided to make as part of the I Made It challenge for September. Well I’m thrilled to announce that Tandy over at Lavender and Lime has asked me to host October’s challenge! 

And so without further ado, the challenge for October is….. nougat! I am always inspired when I see images of gorgeous, perfectly cut nougat bars online and in glossy food magazines, but I never seem to get around to making it at home. I thought this would be a great recipe for the challenge as nougat lends itself to all sorts of variations. You can get creative and really have fun with this one! And I chose it because I’m guilty of having a sweet tooth and nougat is just, well, a little delicious. So who’s up for the challenge? Yep, I’m looking at you…

In order to take part there are a few simple rules:

– you must link back to this post
– you must link back to Lavender and Lime in your post
– you must include the I Made It widget (see below)
– the deadline is 31 October 2013

All righty, so we all have a month to work on our recipes! Please join me on this sticky adventure as I try to master this sweet treat.  I can’t wait to hear how you’re getting on, so please do get in touch (don’t forget to tweet those pictures too) and let me know how your nougat recipe is coming along! Aaaaand go!

Chicken and sausage cassoulet: The I Made It Challenge

This month I decided to participate in my first “I Made It” challenge which happens monthly over at Lavender and Lime. I think it’s a fantastic idea, getting us foodies into the kitchen and challenging ourselves with dishes we may never have attempted or mastered before. No prizes, the main goal is to have fun! Each month a new dish is chosen, and September’s challenge was hosted by Joanne over at The Food Crew. When I heard that Jo had chosen cassoulet as the dish of the month I was very keen to participate because I LOVE French food.

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Caramelised beetroot tartlets with salmon trout and lentil stacks


So what would you make with a bunch of fresh beetroot, brown lentils, puff pastry, cream cheese, cucumber and smoked salmon trout? This was my final challenge in the Freshly Blogged campaign.


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Toad-in-the-hole: South African style!

We are onto week 3 of the Freshly Blogged challenge already! I am having so much fun creating these recipes and I hope you will try them at home too. The theme for this week’s challenge was “S.A.’s best” and the ingredients list read something like this: Drosty-Hof Pinotage (or any Drosty-Hof red wine), mielie meal, ostrich sausage, waterblommetjies or green beans, chutney and mixed dried fruit. As usual we were allowed to omit one of these ingredients and this time around we were able to include three fresh ingredients and three spices.

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Roasted Thai vegetable pie

If you’ve been onto my Facebook page recently you have probably heard about the competition I’m participating in. It’s week 1 of the Pick ‘n Pay Freshly Blogged challenge! 40 local food bloggers, including myself, were given a shopping list and a few days to create and photograph an original recipe using those ingredients. We were told that we could omit one of the ingredients on the list and add one of our own, as well as use ingredients from an “approved” pantry list which included standard items like olive oil, eggs, flour and the like.

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