How to make perfect chocolate coated strawberries



I started February with a chocolate recipe, and in the month of love I thought I might as well continue the theme! It does seem a bit cheeky to call this a recipe, think of it as more of a “how to” for making gorgeous chocolate dipped strawberries for your someone special (or yourself). This Valentine’s Day I have you covered!

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Back to Basics – Shortcrust pastry

If the thought of making pastry from scratch sounds a lengthy and difficult task then read on! (Hint: it really isn’t!) Today I am going to show you how to make a very easy and versatile shortcrust pastry, and I promise you do not need any Michelin stars to get this one right.

As part of the “Back to Basics” feature, this is all about how to make shortcrust pastry. Just be sure to follow the quantities and method below carefully and you will be on your way to heavenly pastry in no time.

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Back to Basics – Cranberry tea scones

There was a lot of excitement in our house this weekend. Having had a temporary kitchen since we moved into the house three years ago, and after months of planning, preparation and a few weeks of renovation chaos, yesterday saw the completion of our new kitchen! The last box was unpacked on Sunday morning, just hours before we were due to host a family lunch, and that afternoon I could not wait to put our new oven through its paces with a batch of delicious cranberry tea scones. 

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Back to basics – white sauce

I think this may have been the first recipe we covered in our school Home Economics class … or was that scones? Either way, once you have mastered this easy sauce you can use it for a multitude of things! Handy, right? White sauce (also known as béchamel sauce) can be used in pasta and veggie dishes, soups, gravies and as a base for other sauces.

I have given you a basic recipe below, as well as some ideas for variations.

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