Recipe round up: Divine apple recipes to try!

Apple recipes


Ah, the humble apple. Most commonly seen in my house either sliced up and slathered in almond butter or half eaten and deserted on a chair or counter somewhere (and usually with a similarly uneaten apple friend nearby, argh!) Today I have rounded up some of my favourite apple recipes from the blog and I hope you will love them as much as we do in our home.

Once you have scrolled through leave a comment and let me know what your favourite apple dish is!

1.) Apple cake with cream cheese icing

A simple and scrumptious apple cake topped with the most delicious cream cheese icing. This Ottolenghi inspired cake is one of my new faves!


Ottolenghi apple cake recipe


2.) Spiced apple slices

These moreish slices have a thin crust at the base, a soft cake-like filling and taste just like apple pie! Delicately spiced with cinnamon, cloves and ginger and equally ideal for afternoon tea as they are for a simple dessert.


Baked apple slice recipe.


3.) Date, carrot and apple muffins with cream cheese topping

These muffins are popular with the kids, and even more popular with their parents as they are free from refined sugar. Add a spoon of cream cheese icing on the top and enjoy at snack time.


Date, carrot and apple muffins with cream cheese topping.


4.) Roasted garlic and mustard pork chops with creamy mash

Apples may not be the hero in this tasty savoury dish but they play an important supporting role, adding a touch of sweetness to the dish. Pork and apples are a great pair after all!


Garlic and mustard roasted pork chops recipe with apple and creamy mash


5.) Apple and cinnamon clafoutis

Uncomplicated and beautiful French baking at its best. Clafoutis is traditionally made with cherries but this version includes caramelised apples and a dash of cinnamon, yum!


Easy apple clafoutis recipe


6.) Spiced apple pie with creamy caramel custard

You should make this pie for the custard alone! Classic, comfort food all made from scratch of course. And so worth the effort.


Spiced apple pie with toffee custard


7.) Caramel apple and blueberry tart

Apple pie’s jazzed up cousin – this tart has a hidden caramel layer and the addition of fresh blueberries give it a fab colour and flavour pop! Finish it off with lashings of caramel sauce and you are good to go.


Apple pie recipe with blueberries and caramel


8.) Apple and raisin oaty crumble with vanilla custard

An old favourite and I love the texture that the oats add to the crumble topping. It’s served with an easy, home made vanilla custard.


Apple crumble and custard recipe.


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