I’ve been keeping something under my hat… BIG announcement!


Tuesday the 29th of March started off much like any other day. I was the first one up at 6am, and headed straight to the kitchen to put the kettle on and start organising lunchboxes, laundry and the other usual morning chores. That particular morning I also had a tv segment, and after a bit of time with the family I headed off to the Expresso studios to show the viewers how to make a satay sauce (yum!).

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Dark chocolate cupcakes with whipped whiskey ganache

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and whiskey ganache.

This week’s recipe comes from a feature I put together for Cheers Magazine last month in which whiskey and sherry were the heroes. I have to be honest and say that sipping spirits has never been my thing, I am more of a wine gal myself! But I do keep a small stash of tipple tucked away for culinary purposes. A splash of brandy here, a dash of sherry there… they certainly add a deep richness to the dishes they are added to. These easy dark chocolate cupcakes are proof that whiskey is not only good for sipping but also has its place in the kitchen (and that cupcakes aren’t just for the kiddies!).

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