I’ve been keeping something under my hat… BIG announcement!


Tuesday the 29th of March started off much like any other day. I was the first one up at 6am, and headed straight to the kitchen to put the kettle on and start organising lunchboxes, laundry and the other usual morning chores. That particular morning I also had a tv segment, and after a bit of time with the family I headed off to the Expresso studios to show the viewers how to make a satay sauce (yum!).

After the show I dropped my car off with the nearby mechanic for its annual service, then walked home getting back just in time before the rain started. The morning included some admin as usual, as well as shooting some client content. Then, in the late morning as I was about to head to the kitchen to make a smoothie the Whatsapp message came through… “give me a call when you have a moment”. Followed by the phone call from a publisher that I had been waiting for for so very long.

“They loved your proposal. It’s time to start writing your book.”

When I say that this has been a long time coming I’m not exaggerating.  Writing my own cookbook has been a dream that I’ve been visualising for an incredibly long time. The actual process of putting together proposals and contacting publishers started in 2018 and it has been quite the learning experience! Many ups and downs, moments of clarity and excitement, and instances of disappointment and self doubt. But I am beyond thrilled to announce that I’ll be launching my first cookbook in 2023!


Teresa Ulyate portrait


Putting this down in writing makes it feel so real and, I’m not going to lie, just a tad scary, but I cannot wait to share more details and these brand new recipes with you. What I can say for now is that a huge amount of love and hard work has already been poured into the manuscript and I’m loving the process of putting this together for you. I will keep you posted as things progress, it’s going to be delicious!!

Much love


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