Recipe round up: Fill your cookie jar with these 10 amazing cookie recipes!


Earlier this week I posted some photos on social media of a batch of biscuits I was making in the old “roll and fork” style (I was trying to create something that reminded me of the biscuits we enjoyed as kids). The image got a bigger response than anything else I’ve posted recently (you guys sure love your biscuits!) and it inspired me to put together another recipe round upย  – and this time it’s allll about cookies.

I first learnt to bake before I learnt to cook, and baking cookies at home takes me straight to my happy place. I hope these recipes do the same for you!

1.) Classic chocolate chip cookies

This recipe will make a batch of cookies that are a little bit crispy, a little bit chewy and a whole lot of chocolatey! The recipe is based on the way my mum used to make them when I was younger, she would often pop them in my lunchbox along with my sarmies.


2.) Peanut and milk chocolate sandies

You can’t go wrong with a combo of peanuts and chocolate, and this recipe does not disappoint!


3.) Cranberry and white chocolate crunchies

I originally put these together for a Christmas party by taking my favourite basic crunchie recipe and adding dried cranberries and white chocolate – but they’re just too moreish to reserve for one month of the year!


4.) Chocolate sandwich biscuits

Delicious chocolate and coconut biscuits sandwiched together with dark chocolate – you won’t be able to stop at one!


5.) Caramel chocolate Valentine’s Day cookies

Two heart shaped chocolate sugar cookies squeezed together in a caramel hug, yum! Make them for your specials any time of the year!


6.) Vanilla and chocolate almond butter cookies

These butter cookies contain ground almonds which gives them a slightly nutty flavour (yum) and crunchy texture, plus they are drizzled with dark chocolate for extra decadence. You could even try milk or white chocolate for something different.


7.) Pumpkin spice cookies

These tasty oat cookies are made with warming spices and topped with a white chocolate and yoghurt drizzle.


8.) Peanut butter cookies

If youโ€™re looking for your next cookie fix then take it from me โ€“ these peanut butter cookies should definitely be the next thing you bake. These giant, chewy cookies are loaded with peanut butter and dark chocolate, totally yum!


9.) Lemon shortbread biscuits

This is one of my all time favourite biscuit recipes and one of the very first recipes I published on the blog. I’ve made these scrumptious cookies more times then I can remember, they are a must try!


10.) Orange and apricot jam squares

Technically, I’m not sure if these good, old fashioned no nonsense jam squares qualify as cookies, but I’m including them anyway! A classic but a goodie.


I asked some of my food blogging friends to share their favourite cookie recipes too, check out these fabulous recipes! (I’m literally drooling over here…)

Happy baking!


9 thoughts on “Recipe round up: Fill your cookie jar with these 10 amazing cookie recipes!

  1. This is just lovely! And timely, I might add! I only yesterday, purchased cookie boxes with thought of making cookies to share with my neighbors. Now, I have plenty of ideas for cookies to fill them with. Thank you, Teresa!๐Ÿ’•

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  2. I love this yummy cookie round up, saving this post for sure and every week will try each of the recipes you mention. Let’s get baking ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you for all the lovely cookie recipes. Biscuits don’t last in my house so now I have a wonderful selection that I will bake and hopefully will last a month.

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