Product review: Gay’s Guernsey Dairy

Dairy products


Happy Friday everyone! Before we head into the weekend (can I get a whoop whoop!) I wanted to squeeze in one last post. We are a household of keen dairy eaters and I was recently asked by Doorbell Deli to review a couple of products from Gay’s Guernsey Dairy. Naturally I was happy to oblige and have been looking forward to sharing these great products with you.


Milk in a glass.


Gay’s Dairy is located in Prince Albert in the Karoo. Raw milk from free ranging cows is used to make their award winning products which are natural and free from hormones and antibiotics. This is very much in line with what we as a family try to eat and myself as well as my mini discerning taste testers (as you will see from my photos) couldn’t wait to tuck in.


Fresh yoghurt product photography.


We received four products to try out: full cream milk, Bulgarian yoghurt, mozzarella and “parma prince”. The milk is creamy and has a very fresh flavour. My daughter commented that she thought it was slightly sweeter than the pasteurised milk we usually have. (Gay’s Dairy milk is unpasteurised and T.B. and brucellosis free.)

The Bulgarian yoghurt also has a slightly sweet and tangy flavour. The texture is typical of a Bulgarian yoghurt, creamy and not too thick, and of all the products we received this one disappeared the quickest! We usually eat unsweetened plain or Greek yoghurt at home and we all enjoyed the Bulgarian yoghurt too.


Fresh milk product shot. Yoghurt product shot.


Then there were the cheeses and these were the highlight for me. The mozzarella is utterly divine! It has a creamy texture (no rubbery mozzarella here thank you!) and I would encourage anyone who thinks mozzarella is a bland cheese to try a bit of this. It is absolutely delicious. We have been eating slices of it as is and it melts beautifully too. The “parma prince” is a parmesan style cheese which is matured for at least a year. The second you open the packet you get that strong parmesan whiff and a just a little of this hard cheese will go a long way thanks to its mature flavour. My husband and I love a sprinkling of parmesan on our pasta and the parma prince did not disappoint. I would definitely buy these again.


Cheese product photography.


Capetonians, you can order your delicious Gay’s Guernsey Dairy products online from Doorbell Deli and they will be delivered to your door!


Bulgarian yoghurt product review.

~ Disclaimer ~ I received these products in exchange for a review. All opinions and images are my own.

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