Grand opening of the new Pick ‘n Pay, V&A Waterfront

Images courtesy of Pick ‘n Pay

It’s not every day that I get to escape the regular morning routine and attend a grand event. This past Thursday was that day as I was invited to be a guest at the much anticipated opening of Pick ‘n Pay’s brand new store at the V&A Waterfront (insert “oooooooh” sound here). I arrived at the new store, situated on the lower level of Victoria Wharf, shortly after 8am. The doors were closed, but outside the excited guests were given a welcome drink, delicious snacks (handy, if like me you had rushed out of the door without any breakfast), coffee and cookies. It was lovely to have some time to mingle and catch up with some of my fellow bloggers who were also in attendance.

Before long it was time for the introductory speeches, and then the moment we had all been waiting for.. our chance for a sneak peak inside this premier store! 

As our group of eager bloggers began the tour the first thing that caught our collective attention as we entered the store was the incredible gelato display, beautifully presented and begging to be gobbled up! Next it was on to the bakery where in addition to artisan breads, assorted pastries and decadent cakes customers can also indulge in new treats such as “cake on a stick” (think of a cake pop on steroids) and macaroons.

The store stocks an extensive range of convenience food – fresh salads, hearty favourites like roast chicken and sumptuous sushi – everything looked delicious! Not only that, but a team of no less than 12 chefs prepare the food, and are also on hand to advise customers on their product choices and how best to prepare them.

Image: Pick ‘n Pay
We perused the cheese counter, which boasts hundreds of varieties of local and imported cheeses, from your everyday cheddars to French bries to speciality cheeses. As our group headed to the back of the store we discovered the extensive range of coffees including brands like Origin, Tribe and Terbodore – sure to please any caffeine junkie. Delicious artisan teas are also available. In addition, customers will be able to sample coffee and teas at the beverage bar before making a purchase. I sampled the “Chocolate Fondue” – rooibos infused with a chocolate flavour and it was delish!

Like some of you I have been pondering this years Christmas dinner and was most excited to see that the new Pick ‘n Pay stocks duck fat – just what I need for perfect roasties! You’ll find it in the fridge next to the fresh duck and rabbit. Local and family-owned business, The Duck Farm, is supplying Pick ‘n Pay with free-range duck, duck fat as well as duck eggs. And speaking of eggs, you’ll find them in all shapes and sizes in the next aisle, including quail eggs! 

There was music, there was mingling. A fabulous launch!

Other highlights included a large selection of local and imported olive oils (you can also get your white truffle oil here if you’re feeling extravagant). If you have a sweet tooth like me you will be spoilt for choice with a tasty selection of local and imported chocolates and sweets (do pick up a slab of locally made Honest Chocolate, you won’t regret it!) Expect to find a well-stocked wine section (800 lines to choose from), as well a large beauty and clothing section. 
Artisan tea (image: Pick ‘n Pay), fresh produce and Honest Chocolate

If I had to describe the experience in a word, it would be convenience. Pick ‘n Pay’s new V&A Waterfront store stocks everything you could possibly need from a supermarket, is open from 8am – 10pm daily and you can park right outside their door in the Breakwater basement parking area. (90 minutes free parking for Pick ‘n Pay shoppers who spend R150 or more.) Whether you’re doing your monthly shop, rushing in after work to pick up dinner or popping in to get something to nibble on you’re likely to find everything you need right here. Thumbs up! 

Images: Pick ‘n Pay

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