Chicken and rice bowl with macadamia dukkah


We’re all familiar with the adage “you eat with your eyes first” and I couldn’t agree more. I also think that having lots of colour on your plate is always a good idea, but I deviated from this idea in today’s recipe which I developed for Cheers Magazine earlier this year.



This chicken and rice bowl is packed with flavour thanks to the macadamia dukkah, nutty rice and punchy Dijon vinaigrette. It makes a deliciously wholesome lunch or an easy supper. The easiest way to make the vinaigrette is to pop all of the ingredients in a jar and shake vigorously for a few seconds – easy! This vinaigrette is versatile and I recommend making a double batch and keeping the leftovers in the fridge for salads, roasted veggies and even fish.




For the macadamia dukkah:

  • 45ml (3 tbsp) roughly chopped macadamias
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) flaked almonds
  • 10ml (2 tsp) white sesame seeds
  • 5ml (1 tsp) black sesame seeds
  • 5ml (1 tsp) ground cumin
  • 1.25ml (¼ tsp) ground coriander
  • pinch of salt

For the Dijon vinaigrette:

  •  30ml (2 tbsp) apple cider vinegar
  • 60ml (¼ cup) olive oil
  • 10ml (2 tsp) Dijon mustard
  • 1.25ml (¼ tsp) garlic paste
  • salt and pepper to taste

To assemble:

  • 2 cups small cauliflower florets
  • olive oil for drizzling
  • salt
  • 2 free range chicken breast fillets
  • 125ml (½ cup) black rice, cooked

1.) Start by making the dukkah. Place all of the dukkah ingredients in a food processor and blitz until combined and finely chopped. Set aside.

2.) Place all of the vinaigrette ingredients in a small bowl and whisk until combined. Alternatively place the ingredients in a jar, pop the lid on and shake vigorously for a few seconds to combine. Set aside.

3.) Preheat the oven to 180ºC and lightly grease a small baking tray. Arrange the cauliflower on the tray. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt. Roast the cauliflower for 30 minutes.

4.) While the cauliflower is roasting prepare the chicken. Coat the chicken fillets lightly in the macadamia dukkah. Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the fillets until cooked through.

5.) Divide the black rice between two bowls. Slice the chicken fillets and arrange on the rice along with the roasted cauliflower. Drizzle with vinaigrette and sprinkle with extra dukkah before serving.


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