Lockdown recipe ideas and my top 8 stay at home tips


It’s week three of self isolation for my family not to mention one week into South Africa’s lockdown, and it felt wrong to just put out another recipe without acknowledging the strange and unsettling situation that we all find ourselves in right now. So for this post I’m doing something a little different and sharing not only some recipe inspiration but some thoughts on how we’re managing at home, and our new routine. Please feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear how you’re doing!



I’ve been working on some new recipe content behind the scenes which I can’t wait to share with you, but in this post I decided to share a few old favourites that I hope you’ll enjoy making while you’re spending this extra time at home. (There’s no better excuse to get cooking if you ask me!) We’re still finding our balance but these are some of the things that are helping me at the moment, and it’s definitely a work in progress.

    • MOVE – the kids and I start the day by moving! I don’t always feel motivated to do this but I ALWAYS feel better for it afterwards and so far we’ve managed to stick to this in our morning routine. We usually do a 30 minute workout (we’re loving The Body Coach’s daily routines) and then continue to inject bursts of activity into the day – skipping, a few minutes on the trampoline, hitting the tennis ball around or even a game of tag. It really helps to lift our moods and energy levels.
    • SHOW UP – I may not be leaving the house but I find that sticking to my regular morning routine (skin care routine, getting dressed, brushing my hair, making the bed, having a healthy breakfast) does set the tone for the day in a positive way! I’m a bit of a control freak and being able to take charge of the small things makes me less anxious about what’s going on outside and the things that are out of my hands.
    • HEALTHY EATING – we’ve heard it a million times before, but when I eat healthy foods I can absolutely FEEL the difference in my mood and energy levels. (Not to mention the positive impact on my immune system.) Are we enjoying lots of comfort food and home baked treats at the moment? Absolutely! But for the most part I try to make healthy meals with a good mix of protein, carbs and fresh veggies and fruit.
    • GET CREATIVE – this may be a little easier for the parents out there who inevitably have a good stock of paper, paints, crayons and play-doh lying around. Immersing yourself in something creative (and I’m totally including baking in this section) is a fantastic way to reduce anxiety levels.
    • SET A DAILY GOAL – I’m usually happy if I’ve got to the end of the day and we’re all fed/clean/alive, but to avoid getting stuck in a rut I try and set myself a goal or two each day over and above all the normal stuff that needs to get done. It could be work related, a chore I’ve meaning to do or even something as simple as reading a chapter of a book, tackling an episode of an online course or cleaning out one drawer.
    • CONNECT – I’ve been trying to find the balance between staying connected with friends and family, without being attached to my phone all day! WhatsApp groups in particular can be overwhelming, so I try to check my phone at regular intervals rather than every time it pings. Social media is also a tricky one to navigate when you want to stay informed but not get too overloaded with information. I limit myself to two check-ins a day (with Facebook particularly, not so much Instagram) and find this hugely helpful in reducing anxiety.
    • GRATITUDE – this is a biggie! Yes it’s a cliché  but I really can’t recommend it enough. Take a few minutes each day to count your blessings, it’ll make such a difference to your day.
    • BE KIND – I’ve had to remind myself that I don’t need to be calm and productive all the time. We’re all processing this crisis and there are going to be rough days, it’s all part of it. Yes, I’ve been given the gift of extra time at home with my family, but that should not make me feel pressured to spend my days meditating, spring cleaning and being a Pinterest homeschooling queen. Let’s give ourselves a break!

These are just a few thoughts and this list will no doubt evolve over the next few weeks as we muddle our way through! If you’d like to follow us and some of the things we’re up to head on over to Instagram, and do share your tips and ideas too!

Let’s get to the food part shall we? I’ve heard from many of you that you are planning to brush up on your kitchen skills over the next few weeks, and I hope that these recipes will provide some cooking inspiration for you while you’re at it. Be sure to share your dishes on Instagram and tag me if you make them. 🙂


Savoury dishes (quick meals / family food / comfort food):

Chicken in white wine sauce
Creamy tomato penne
Leek fritters
Beef and mushroom stroganoff
Classic gourmet beef burgers
Chicken pesto pasta
Coconut Thai curry with chickpeas
Sweet potato soup


Baking and snacks:

Lemon loaf cake
Cheesy mielie and bacon bread
Brown butter cupcake brownies
Apple cake with cream cheese icing
Peanut and milk chocolate sandies
Date, carrot and apple muffins
Chocolate coconut squares
Welsh cakes


Easter recipes (savoury and sweet):

8 thoughts on “Lockdown recipe ideas and my top 8 stay at home tips

  1. Excellent tips, thank you for sharing. I find immersing myself in gratitude certainly helps, and I hope we emerge from this bizarre state of suspension with renewed vigour and fresh perspectives.
    It is temporary, we will get through this and we are literally all in it together. Big hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes to the gratitude practice (& the yummy recipes!). We are trying to do this with the kids each day and getting them (and us) to commit to a daily kindness, it makes us all feel connected. Big love to you all there xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is everything. ❤ And I love that you are practicing gratitude and kindness as a family. Lots of love to you specials. x


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